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Finally reaching the age when learning to drive is accepted is great and actually being able to drive and passing your test is considered a massive achievement and milestone. It can be one of the most important life skills to obtain and driving maybe essential depending on the individual.
The decision to actually learn to drive is a big one and must not be untaken until you feel fully prepared regardless if you have come to the age where it is legal to learn to drive. Unless you feel confident and have courage the whole exercise might seem pointless and any driver whether a fully qualified driver or a learner must appreciate that driving requires a certain amount of knowledgeable information.

It is vital for you aswell as other road users that you are fully prepared to ensure safety all around. By being prepared essentially means having the right training and enough of it so that you are equipped with the information and training needed for the use on public roads. The governing body that regulates the driving standards, the Driving Standard Agency sets out learner guidelines and states that a minimum of 40hrs is needed for any learner driver and it should be accompanied by an approved driving instructor. It is still possible that friends and family can take on the role if they do so wish to as an instructor to add additional hours to the learning but it is requested that a qualified person do the bulk of the teaching so that what is being taught is up to date and accurate.

Finding a driving instructor that you are comfortable with is essential as you will need to follow their training to the exact as not to pick up any bad habits of your own or those of an external person who maybe also teaching you. Driving rules and regulations can change and it’s important to stay up to date with these changes in order to qualify as quickly and safely as possible.

Driving Licence

Learning to drive and actually qualifying to drive is considered a great achievement but firstly and foremost any person wishing to take up driving lessons must firstly acquire a driving licence. If a person wishes to drive on a public road i.e. a road that is the responsibility of the local authority then a licence is needed if the road is privately owned then no licence is required.

Depending on the type of vehicle one wishes to drive reflects on the licence needed and also whether the person is at the right age. If a car licence is required the person needs to firstly apply for a provisional licence in order to start any driving lessons. A provisional licence can be applied for when a person is 15yrs old and 9 months but driving cannot actually start until the person has reached 17yrs or 16 if wishing to drive a moped. In order to drive additional vehicles such as lorries and buses which hold more than 16 passengers additional requirements maybe needed to the actual driving licence though no separate licence is needed.

Learning to drive can be a great experience as it is something brand new and exciting but it is also something that will stay with you through life so it need not be rushed but thoroughly examined so that all training and vital information is completely absorbed to make driving a good and safe experience.