How to Make a No Win No fee Car or Road Traffic Accident Claim

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How to Make a No Win No fee Car or Road Traffic Accident Claim

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Car Accident AdviceNo Other Person’s Involved

If you are unfortunate enough to be involved in a road traffic accident you maybe at a loss about what to do next. Firstly it is important to establish where the fault lies if there was just you the driver involved in the whole incident then the first point of call would be to let your insurers know if you want to make a claim and have your insurers deal with the incident. If the damage is not so bad and you feel that you have the funds you may want to get the car fixed yourself and that way your no claims bonus will not be lost.

If Other People Were Involved

If the accident consisted of other drivers and there was a collision between two cars or more firstly it’s important to ensure that people involved are safe and if injured the necessary medics have been called maybe the police, the next would be to take picture of how the cars have ended up as you may need evidence to back up any case in the future. Taking pictures can show a true likeness of the events which have taken place. Always take down any details of witnesses if they allow so that they can be contacted at a later date if needed. Finally and this may not always be wise to be left till last but ensure that the details of the other drivers involved are noted and kept safe especially if you believe they caused the accident as you will need their details to give to either your insurance company or an independent no win no fee solicitors.

Knowing who caused the accident when other vehicles are involved may not always be straight forward. If a car is hit from behind it is largely the driver who hit the car to be at fault but in other accidents it may not always be that simple to establish fault so better to gather as much evidence as possible. It is also important to choose a no win no fee claims solicitors such as NoWinNoFeeExpert.

How to Proceed to Make a No Win No Fee Claim

If you are not at fault but wish to make a no win no fee claim against another driver you may wish to appoint a solicitor as they may make the claim process more straight forward if they handle the paper work, or you could inform your insurers and they could appoint legal assistance or it is possible to make a claim yourself if you wish to do so.

If unfortunately you are at fault and the road traffic accident was considered your fault you must inform you insurers if the other party wish to make a claim and the incident was on a large scale and vehicles were badly damaged as you may not be able to cover the large costs.

If a Driver Fails to Stop

In the event of a road traffic accident (RTA) a driver may fail to stop whether there at fault or not but in order to pursue a claim the other party’s details maybe needed by ensuring that the number plate is noted down the details of the cars ownership can be tracked. If the DVLA believe that the person wishing to seek out the details of a particular driver have good cause i.e. involved in an accident they can provide the name and address of the owner of the vehicle.

You can also find some very useful information here be sure on the type of claim you may need to make if you have been injured.