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Every single year, there are roughly 40,000 severe road accidents that occur in the UK. According to national statistics, approximately 3200 to 3500 people are killed while operating their motor vehicles on the roadways throughout the United Kingdom. 30,000 to 35,000 of people that are involved in road accidents are seriously injured as a result of the event.

One question that is on most people’s minds is what causes these serious accidents to occur in the first place? Well, to be honest, there are several factors that are to blame for the rate of car crashes within the UK. One of the primary reasons why accidents are prominent within the area are inclement weather conditions.

Even though a larger majority of people that reside in the United Kingdom, were born and raised around the area, weather still plays into the reason why accidents commonly occur. Whenever the weather turns sour, for example, whenever the rains roll in, or the snow starts to fall, the numbers of accidents steadily increase. Having to control a vehicle in nice weather is a difficult feat in itself.
However, when you add snow and rain into the equation, operating a motor vehicle can become a daunting task. Instead of just having to pay attention to the vehicles that are also on the road, motorists have to pay attention to slick roadways, and moments of blindness, when whiteouts and other weather related conditions may occur.

Aside from weather causing a great deal of accidents that occur within the area, unnecessary distractions are also a cause of motor vehicle accidents. There are many different things that can cause a motorist to become distracted. Children quarrelling in the vehicle that is being operated, as well as mobile phones are two obvious distractions that can cause severe, and sometimes life threatening vehicular accidents to occur.

Let’s look at the first distraction that is responsible for causing vehicular accidents, and that is in vehicle distractions. Children often times have a difficult time behaving while setting inside of a moving vehicle for elongated frames of time. Therefore, they begin to pester the driver of the vehicle. This can cause the driver to pay attention to what the child is doing, as opposed to paying attention to the road, therefore, causing a fatal accident, due to distractions.

Mobile phones are also a big distraction while operating a vehicle. In the technical age that we presently reside in, sometimes being able to refrain from utilizing your mobile device while operating a vehicle can be daunting in itself; with most people consistently responding to text messages and phone calls throughout the day, they feel as though they need to be available at all times.

Mobile phone use is rated as one of the number one reasons for car crashes in the UK. When an individual is distracted by anything while operating a motor vehicle, the possibility of them becoming a victim of an auto accident is increased. Car crash statistics continue to gradually increase, as the amount of distractions while operating a motor vehicle increase.

Transportation accidents are gradually becoming one of the primary causes for deaths within the United Kingdom. If something is not done to rectify this issue, immediately, the car crash statistics will steadily reflect how serious this issue is. Weather, and distractions continue to be the primary vehicular accident causes.